Brand Treks

We are the creatives, the travel junkies, and the wonderers and we know how to show off your gear because we know how to use it. It takes a constant flow of fresh, quality content for a brand to stay current. Constantly trying to create such content can be a time consuming logistical nightmare. 

Our strategy and plan is molded around your content needs to put your gear in the situation audiences want to see. 



We work with experienced photographers, videographers, influencers, stylists and locals to make sure its done right. You deserve the right shot with the right look in that hard to reach local spot. Done!


Different platforms call for different looks. Achieving those differences requires a variety of equipment. Our team goes in geared up to create epic content specific to each platform. 



We are no stranger to adventure or capturing genuine experiences. We've taken brands around the world to create some pretty rad stuff. Our work has been displayed in magazines and galleries both nationally and internationally. If we haven't been there, we know someone who has. There is a lot of new places on our upcoming list and we have big things planned. 



Talk is cheap. In the end we want an experience better than you expected. Like I said content needs to be new and relevant, so our work doesn't stop when the trip is over. We create killer content and want you to have it ASAP.